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Our Approach

Anything is possible if you make the right choices. 

Only another human can truly understand you and your unique circumstances. Innovation might be the new normal in today's world, but digital tools and systems mean nothing without an advisor who is there for you when you need them. That is why we believe working with someone who truly understands you and can help you make the right choices is a key towards a life lived lavishly

Dynamic and Interactive Planning
Unlike many traditional wealth managers that create a one-time financial plan, we know that life is unpredictable. There will be unexpected twists in the road - some good, some not so good. Over time, your goals will change. Our primary responsibility is to help you adapt your plan as life unfolds, making the right adjustments with a clear understanding of the trade-offs. Our dynamic and interactive planning process helps ensure you make your decisions with confidence and that they are always relevant to and correspond with your current circumstances and expectations.

Personalized Investing
We apply the same client-first thinking in matters concerning investments. We partner with some of the leading investment institutions in the world to provide a multitude of strategies that can be tailored to your specific needs and built around your preferences. We will create a comprehensive portfolio that is suitable for you and where you are in your life, with enough choices that seek to ensure you are getting the results you expect throughout your entire life.

A Lifetime of Guidance and Advice
We have chosen to work with United Capital to offer their intelligent diagnostic tools that help you clearly articulate your preferences, your priorities, and what matters to you, so your money is working toward the life you want. This helps us give you a completely personal level of advice that adjusts along with the changes that happen throughout your life. 

 My 360 Wealth Management Group are not affiliated with United Capital.

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