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My 360° Wealth Management Group

Financial planning and wealth management services originally began as a profession which guided the financial and administrative concerns of entrepreneurs and affluent families, thus freeing their time to focus on career, family and leisure.  

Traditionally, the financial planner was an individual who was expected to be an expert in many diverse disciplines: wealth management, income and estate tax planning, insurance and business services. The financial planner was required to spread his or her knowledge and experience across this wide spectrum of financial services.

As one of the leading Los Angeles branch offices , My 360° Wealth Management Group has maintained the essence of this relationship between the trusted advisor and the client, but has broadened the concept into a management team. Through the active leadership and vision of the firm’s Principal, Pierre M. Movsessian, MBA, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Accredited Investment Fiduciary, the company today is a full service investment planning and wealth management firm, employing specialized professionals in all financial areas, who together with the client’s accountant, attorney and other outside professionals, plan and manage the client’s financial and business affairs. This specialization is the key to the level of service that the company provides.

Flexible and responsive, the team approach fosters the development of creative strategies for virtually any situation that may confront the individual of means. The sense of security that comes from working with a well-established firm is enhanced by the expertise of the individuals performing the various services.

This management team approach appeals not only to entrepreneurs and their families, but also to select individuals and who desire the freedom and security of their financial and business affairs handled by a professional organization. By entrusting their financial concerns to My 360º Wealth Management Group, these individuals can confidently focus on career, family and leisure.

Our company is based on the principle that education and understanding of your current financial situation is vital to successfully make prudent decisions concerning your future financial condition. If you have any questions about your current financial situation or wish to schedule an appointment, send us an email or give us a call at (818) 547-4720.  

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